Project Name: Independent L(e)arners Project


What is Touching Lives Welfare Trust?

Touching Lives is an NGO based on the philosophy of continuous self-work. It is dedicated to Education, Empowerment, Enlightenment and Edu-tainment of children living in the slums of Mumbai. The organization runs Learning Centers within the slums and in a rented space near the slums. The learning center provides educational resources that avails children conducive and encouraging environment for learning.


Why is the intervention needed?

The children from slum communities come from vulnerable socio-economic background where the drop-out ratio from schools is high and there is a need to provide psychological/emotional development support. We assist the children to attend regular school. The trained mentors at Touching Lives Learning Centers use therapeutic learning methods for overall development of children. This involves integrating mental health, education and developing conscious parent-child relationship.

In 2013, when Bharti joined Touching Lives Learning Center, she was in 8th standard, studying in a Marathi medium government aided school. She was 13 years old, yet she struggled to identify alphabets in English and could not solve simple multiplication or division problems in maths.

In 2014, Bharti failed in all subjects in her 9th standard school exam.

In 2015, with the support of Touching Lives mentors and volunteers, Bharti cleared her 10th standard SSC board exam, without attending any private tuition or class. She now goes to Shailendra college, FYJC, and studies all the subjects in English.

To her family’s astonishment, studying all the subjects in English medium, Bharti passed her first exam in college without attending any coaching class.

There are thousands of Bhartis waiting for the opportunity and good mentoring to excel in all the areas of their lives living in different slum communities in Mumbai.

In 2016-17, our goal is to serve 250 such Bhartis!


Activities done:

The committed children, aged 5 to 21, gain supplementary education, mental health support & mentoring for conscious parent-child and world relationship through several inter-connected programs.

In their journey towards becoming Independent Learners, the children attend regular activity based sessions at the Learning Center, which are focused on providing support for:

  • Learning & Education: English, Academics, Humanities
  • Mental Health: Therapies, Activities
  • Spiritual Health: Healing, Meditation, Connection with the Earth
  • Conscious Relationships: Work with children/parents, Counseling
  • Physical Health: Yoga, Sports

Touching Lives also supports other NGOs and schools both in rural and urban areas through teacher training, mentoring and sponsorship programs.


Who will benefit:

250 children, 17 young, bright and committed mentors in their journey of self-discovery, 100s of volunteers and interns whose lives are changed by their experiences of volunteering


Volunteering Scope: Reading workshops, Art/ craft activities and mega events such as sports day, Teaching children


Per beneficiary cost : Rs 1300 per month per child