It surely moves one's heart to be part of someone’s life!  It is only because many souls like you have contributed in the past that we have been able to relentlessly and lovingly support the learning and the healing journey of a child.  We are always grateful.  To make it easier for you to see our work and for you to make a choice to contribute, we have segregated the requirements and several options are now available for you to be a part of our beautiful dream.


Community leaders are students of Touching Lives, living in slums communities, taking care of the Touching Lives Community Centers Program, pursuing their education in best colleges of Mumbai, role-models for other children in their communities. Touching Lives Community Center sessions are conducted in an open space within a slum community or in a near-by public place like footpath or sky walk.

Right from admissions to maintaining children data to preparing the curriculum and resources to meeting parents to organizing extra workshops for children, everything is managed by these young and enthusiastic tribe of Community Leaders, who have the burning desire to provide the same opportunities to other children which they received from Touching Lives.

Sponsoring a child monthly/yearly /period of your choice will enable a child to travel, to attend regular learning programs, healing tools,  counselling and therapy sessions, coaching, workshops, outdoor activities, avail resources and opportunities to attend expert sessions and master classes.  Sponsoring a child is also sponsoring an entire family as we have Care Program, a part of which focuses on providing therapeutic support to the parents to develop conscious relationship of a child with the family.

We are very fortunate to receive lots of amazing educational resources, including books, chart papers, pen drives, laptops, book shelves etc., every year from different individuals.

Apart from these educational aid materials, we incur expense every month for Photo copying (Xerox) worksheets and buying certain activity-specific resources.

Children come from different communities which are about 30 to 60 minutes  away from the Learning Centre.  Many children keep being relocated due to Slum Rehabilitation Program. They urge to be a part of the program from wherever they move. Touching Lives and the Parents share the commutation expenses of the children.


We have three community centers. Community Centres are open spaces in and around the communities, sky-walk and footpath where we conduct our classes under the beautiful sky. Community Leaders  lead the community centers. They are our former students who have successfully completed their learning programs at Touching Lives and are embarking on their own journey of dreams and paying-it-forward by teaching at the centres.  Your contribution will support the running cost of the centre that is a leader’s salary, educational resources, healing tools, traveling and training.  Each center has between 20-25 regular children.

We have one learning centre which has 5 classrooms, a small office space, an open veranda where children flock in for learning and healing from different programs.  Providing a safe, conducive and healing environment is vital for us and having trained mentors leads to a quality journey of a child. The funds go towards the operational cost, rent, maintaining the place, the salaries of the mentors/teachers, internet, educational resources, traveling cost, the training and consultations, coaching, workshops.  We have 130 children, 17 team members and number of volunteers and interns using the space.

One of our main expenses is rent of the learning centre. This is crucial part as we want to provide the best environment for learning and healing of a child. You can now help us fund the rent of a place so that we can run all our programs easily.

A. Touching Lives Annual Self-Work Training

B. Capacity Building



Offer opportunities for internships /jobs to our children

Sponsor Media Equipment

Donating Phones

In-Kind Donations (Resources)

Talk about Touching Lives

Offer Space for Self-Work Centres