Five Ways to Create Happiness at Your Workplace


We all know that happiness can be elusive! How then do you create an idea that keeps slipping out between targets, deadlines, the fun work-lunches, the occasional drunken exploits at the nightclub, incentives, tours, holidays, the works. Just how do you pin down this elephant in the room and basically dance with it?


Aditi Kanwar, the HR head and Volunteer in-charge of Touching Lives provides some excellent tips on upping the happiness quotient of a workplace. According to her, ‘It is entirely possible to hold space and to foster circumstances that ensure that each individual feels nourished, loved, and appreciated for who they are. We live in a demanding world and as such, it is easy to fall into the trap of ‘I must deliver’ at all times! As the human resource person at Touching Lives I feel the need to be caring and nourishing toward each individual who works with us.

When a person knows their worth and feels valued, that is when they give their hundred percent to their work or anything they do.’


Does it mean that it is important from the organization’s point-of-view for the employees to be happy, so that they are more productive at work?

‘Well, that is one way to see it.’ she says, ‘Indeed that is the popular trend to believe that ‘happy employees are more productive.’ But let’s put it this way, it is one thing to be a productive employee and it is a good thing. But what about leading a productive life and being an effective person? We encourage our tribe to do that, whether they are at work or outside. This kind holistic growth is what brings an individual closer to their own self, and hence to happiness.’


Here are five tips from Aditi, on how to foster a workplace that is alive and happy:


When you have the loveliest boss ever!

Happiness trickles down from the top, like the mountain-ice that melts and becomes a river.  When the leader of the organization finds a way to connect with everyone, there develops a general sense of caring and community. It encourages camaraderie, mutual support and genuine love, and feeling valued and respected is a natural outcome of it. Our adorable boss, Sonia Mackwani personifies love to its fullest. She leaves no stone unturned in expressing her warmth and love to us.


Each individual is important

Am I as an individual, entirely honest with my own self and with others? This is an important question and we often function out of this basic honesty at Touching Lives. Here, each individual walks on his/her own path of Self-work, Seva and Sadhana. Any friction is always addressed in the most constructive way possible. Of course, no one can really ‘make’ you happy! It is an inside job. So when we look after our own happiness, we also reach out to others from that space of nurturance. If each individual brings their best to the workplace, then the team will turn out to be the best, and the workplace will be heaven.


A thing of beauty

John Keats has famously said, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ It is true that we always carry the impressions of what we visually perceive. And those impressions invariably become a part of our day. So we try our best to create a space that is aesthetically appealing. You can deck up your place with good posters, paintings, colorful curtains, inspiring quotes, incense, lamps, cushions, flowers and so many other things, as per your taste. One more important thing is to avoid clutter. This is again something that requires individual effort and initiative too. If each person remembers to declutter regularly, it becomes so much easier for everyone. What’s more, it also helps the flow of good energies.


Health is wealth

No matter how old the cliche, we cannot undermine its importance. There really needs to be an overall sensitization in this regard. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of each individual is of utmost importance. At Touching Lives we are always looking out for each other, being a support to anyone who is down or suffering in any of these areas. We encourage individuals to maintain a good relationship with their own selves. We provide them with ample tools for personal development. We hold workshops and in-depth training to orient and reorient everyone on how to take better care of their own selves as well as their families.


Those who ___ together stay together

We are always filling that blank with something fun and meaningful. Be it lunch, or going on an outing, watching a movie, or simply just spending an evening together after work. When we spend casual/non-work time with each other, we give each other space to be ourselves. We go on outings and short as well as long trips, every detail of which we plan together as a group. All of this contributes majorly to our sense of community and one family.


Indeed, happiness can be as simple as a floating yellow balloon across a clear blue sky. Yet, to perceive it and retain in, that is the magic.



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