To become a volunteer, connect with us via email :

If you are willing to learn in the process of volunteering / interning, Touching Lives is the right place for you. Interning and Volunteering with us will help you to learn, become a change-maker, leader, and know yourself better. There are different roles for volunteering at Touching Lives.

Volunteering and Internship Opportunities

Assisting our mentor at community center

A community center is a small learning center in an open space within a slum community. We do activity based class thrice a week at the community center.

Assisting our mentor at our learning center

We need volunteers to help our mentor who takes care of the Beginners Class. A class in which we teach basic things such as alphabets, letters and numbers; have lots of art and craft; and perform game based activities.

School studies

We need volunteers to take one on one study class with our students who are in After School program (5th to 10th standard) and also our college students. Usually, children have difficulty in Maths and English.

Social Media

We need volunteer to help us spread the word through social media. If you think you have the social flare, then fill up our form and we will get in touch with you.


We need volunteers to help us with designing digital posters, T-shirts, and art products. Get your creative gears churning and help raise funds, all at the same time.

Film making

We need volunteer to help us make short success story films and short documentaries on education- shooting+editing.


In the After School program, we invite volunteers to come and conduct workshops on their area of expertise. There no limits or bounds for workshops. Your expertise could be in education, sports, music, dance and or just anything!

Fund Raising

Researching and implementing new fund raising ideas.

Educational Resources

Researching and creating classroom aids such as posters and charts