SEVA (Service)

SADHANA (Practice)


is the way of one's journey at Touching Lives

With our experience and understanding of working with children and parents from slum communities, our next goal is to set-up a Healing Center for communities.

Both children and parents who are offered tools for Self-work and opportunities to learn meditation and alternative therapies have shown tremendous transformation in the past 10 years at our Learning Center. The Healing Center will be equipped with trained and conscious Healers, resources for meditation and a therapeutic environment.


The aim is to provide workshops and activities we have developed that offer tools for individuals to enrich their lives, become aware of their body, thoughts, emotions and their interconnections, free themselves from their mental, emotional and physical blocks.




At our Lives Learning Center, all the sessions begin with children and mentor sitting in a circle and meditating together for 5 minutes. The Healing program at Touching Lives at present also includes individual counselling, teaching alternative therapies such as Reiki, Access Consciousness, Angel cards, Yoga, Body intelligence, Conscious birthing, Arts Based Therapy, Mandala making and many other ancient and modern Healing tools.

Our Goal now is to have a completely new and a separate set-up for the Healing Center, where we can offer regular Healing sessions, workshops for children and parents from slum communities. Goal is to ultimately be able to serve any individual seeking Healing.



If you would like to support this journey of creating Healing Center with us, please write to us on