Healing Diaries of Touching Lives

A place of learning is a place full of love, care and freedom. That is when learning happens best.  At Touching Lives, we strive so each child gets their personal space to look within, and bring out that seemingly unreal thing which wants to jump out to become real in the world. It is a place where each and every person works with you to focus on your dream.


Everything at Touching Lives is experienced through different eyes. Because Touching Lives invokes the energy of healing in everyone who comes here.




Here, healing is not an alternative form or tool to get better. There is healing in everything. We believe it to be an inbuilt, inherent potential in every human being. Healing helps bring out the true potential in us, by helping us take full charge of shaping our lives in the way we truly desire. Our founding director, Sonia Mackwani who is a clinical psychologist, psychic healer, hypnotherapist, speaker, author and filmmaker has laid the foundations of Touching Lives as a versatile space for expression and growth. She has built its foundation with her intuitive powers and vision of evolution through healing. In her book Everyone Can Heal, she mentions,


‘We already have the innate powers to heal, we are born with it. For healing, one has to use the existing tools within. Some of those tools are our feelings, our power to imagine and our intuitive records and visions.’



Touching lives is a place full of positive energies. Whenever a child enters this sacred place, s/he is allowed to feel comfort and care that s/he deserves. It is a non-judging space that breathes love and lays open several opportunities for them to connect with themselves. Connecting with oneself involves the connection between our mind, body and soul so that they attain synchronicity. Often we are unaware that it’s our soul that comprises our personality, rather than the body. The body is an instrument for our soul to perform. So, if you want your body to be healthy and your mind to be sharp, the first thing you’ve got to do is heal your soul. Ultimately it’s your soul that both – relies on and nourishes – your body to be healthy and mind to be intelligent. When children learn this technique to connect their body, mind and soul, they become independent healers in themselves. Through them it passes on to their parents, community, country, globe, space, galaxies and then further into the infinity of the Universe. This is the ultimate goal of Touching Lives.

There are many tools which make it possible for each being to recognize the potential to heal, meditation being one of them. Children are also introduced to other tools such as Ho’oponopono, Access Bars, Chakra Healing, Affirmations, Working with Angels, Movement therapy, Mandala Making and so on. These certainly help them go beyond their immediate thoughts and perceptions, listen to their inner voices and sense lives beyond their existence. Which means that they grow toward developing a sense of the metaphysical world, to connect with their own selves intimately.

Each year we resolve and work to heal ourselves and Touching Lives’ Five Foundational Values speak clearly of why and how we integrate an approach of healing here. In any scenario, we seek direction from the Universe.


Healing is the very fabric of Touching Lives. It resides in the way we interact with each other, with the children and with their parents. We apply it to our work too – recognizing the interconnection of our souls, and that our soul-work is intrinsic to the work we do here. We look within, conduct healing sessions for all of us who work here, and seek to resolve out riddle to come up with radical solutions, keeping in mind the betterment of Touching Lives. It is also a part of our training that happens quarterly and annually as a practice and tradition. The goal is also to come up with lots of opportunities and platforms for children’s future. These are just a few things that depict how simple and fruitful life is and can become through healing.


Working with Touching Lives is a continuous journey of evolving into who we truly are, and of living up to our greatest potential. It is the path of ‘self-work’ a termed coined and developed by our dear founder, Sonia.  Anything that occurs outside of us is in fact an extension of our inner lives. Working on ourselves, and healing our inner beings, we serve ourselves too. We invite you to join us in this beautiful healing journey. It is as simple as Sonia puts it, ‘If you ever wonder how to make a difference, just touch one life!’



Prashanth Jamol has been a student at Touching Lives since his mischief years, when he was in seventh standard! Today, he attends college – SYBA and is our intellectual Community Leader. He also contributes regularly for the Touching Lives blog, as part of the Creative Writing Program. He loves thinking and reflecting on life’s big questions and aspires to be an IAS officer.

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