The Good Life

It’s the good things in life that we crave for. They give us zeal and strength. They can revive and reboot us in a minute. They may even help us to find answers to the questions we have been rigorously working on. Of course each individual has a unique taste, specific to their own experience. However, there are certain things that will never fail to delight us. They will always remain an essential part of the human life.



Nearly everyone is crazy about music! And the world does not disappoint us. There is so much music out there. All kinds of music. From pop, rock, reggae and country to classical, folk, jazz, and opera.  Some listen to change their mood, some, to escape their troubles. For some it is all about heightening their sensory experiences, for others it is about resting and relaxation. Many enjoy rhythm and melody while others find their answer in the lyrics. It’s truly fascinating to see the impact it has on people’s lives. In fact, there are so many studies linking music listening patterns to our personality traits and identity. Music is even know to cure illnesses. In short, choose music. Let it pour meaning into your existence.









There are perhaps as many kinds of book as there are people. Reading choices are purely personal. People who read for knowledge often find joy in non-fiction, based on their areas of interest. And then there are popular books and literary books. Poetry is balm to the soul and fiction gives wings to our imagination. Stories come in all shapes and sizes. They heal, they transform, they teach you the meaning of life. The satisfaction that you find in the journey of reading a book is the ultimate gratification it can offer you.












Depending on the graph of our journeys, we take our own sweet time to realize the importance of wellness in our lives. Late is better than never, so no matter when we start our wellness regime, it is important that we do. Looking after our bodies not only improves our physical health but also gives a great boost to our emotional state. It can make a person focused, goal-oriented, spontaneous and energetic, depending upon what we are looking to achieve along with our fitness. Be it a Yoga class, gym training sessions, playing a sport, or taking up a hobby that makes you sweat (like dance, parkour, cycling, or swimming), it can take care of physical wellness. Ultimately, it is the overall wellness of the mind, body and soul that helps us live a balanced life.




Our souls ache to explore this beautiful world. To look at each corner with our own eyes, taste different cuisines, explore art and architecture, acquaint ourselves with all kinds of people like the artists and artisans who create and give us great insight into cultures and traditions. Traveling makes life deeper and more interesting. After all, who doesn’t want to climb those mountains and win over their underestimating minds?  Who doesn’t want to fly high and swim deep into the seas. Who doesn’t want to spend a night under a sky full of stars? Who doesn’t want to meet complete strangers, and make friends with them. Traveling opens up a person to the ultimate happiness of life.


Life may not always be a fun ride. It has its ups and downs. We all must deal with our wounds and we all must live through the thick and thin. Life often gets too busy to breathe in peace. And that is why we must invest our time and resources in uplifting our lives and make the best of what we’ve got.

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