To Live By the Book: Touching Lives Publishing is a Venture into the World.

Who says books are the best friends you can have? Well, whoever said it; truer words have not been spoken. They certainly make for great companions! Reading a good book is quite an adventure, and so is writing one! And who could know it better than Poonam and Roshni, the budding young authors of Touching Lives Publishing.


Yes they are first time authors, yes they are young and yes they are brilliant!





As all beautiful things start with a beautiful idea… Touching Lives Publishing too started with this seed of an idea – a one-of-a-kind initiative, a platform – for the students of Touching Lives, to explore their talents, and reach out to the world through their unique gifts of expression. This is an opportunity for the students not only to know themselves better, but also to express their love to the world, through inspiring stories.


Poonam Tevar and Roshni Pal have been on a wordy adventure over the last year, learning the art of Creative Writing, honing their thoughts and skills. The early months of 2016 saw these two girls, gingerly grasping the idea of creating somewhat of a book. They had many questions and often wondered, will we ever make it? Yes they will, pretty soon! Stepping into 2017, they are nearly ready to submit the stories they have written over the last one year. These are the stories of children – students of Touching Lives – who inspire, strive to fulfill their desires, and win the little battles of life. The next few months will see the stories written by Roshni and Poonam, transform into a book, their very first book!

Nisha Joshi, Chief Editor of Touching Lives Publishing, shares her thoughts about the soon-to-be-revealed first book of the Publishing wing, ‘This is the first venture of Touching Lives Publishing and we are all eager to bring this baby into the world. Working with Poonam and Roshni as their mentor and editor, I have found so much inspiration and love. This book is very close to our heart and certainly, one of the most creative adventures for all of us.’

‘We have enjoyed this evolution immensely.’


Founder-Director and Creative Head of Touching Lives, Sonia Mackwani, shares her vision, ‘We intend to publish books written by children, providing them with creative writing tools, and empowering them to write their own book.

We are also looking at creating what we call the ‘Live Curriculum’.

This is a beautiful concept, wherein the book will become a part of the syllabus taught at Touching Lives and all the children here, will study these stories.’ What more learning can there be for a child, than to study the life of their own friends, through their stories in the book? The greatest teacher, after all, is life itself, and we are all always learning.


Year on year, there will be more students joining in, and setting out on the path to becoming a published author of Touching Lives Publishing. As Touching Lives steps into the New Year with spirited dreams, a few resolutions, a few changes, and new aspirations find abode. 2017 will be a year of new beginnings and soaring dreams!

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