Marathon: Run for Fun, Run for a Cause, Run for You!


Who wakes up at 4 am on a Sunday Morning?! We did and we took the train at Borivali and travelled all the way to the other side of the city, more popularly known as town! Because it was no regular Sunday, it was the Marathon Sunday! We experieced so many bright moments and it was certainly one of the best Sundays of life.




Our sports enhusiast Communications Head, Ankit and Communiy Leader Bhagya accompanied our star of the day Ramya Kaundar to the Marathon who ran the 10 km stretch with flourish!






Then there was our band of runners who ran the Dream Run! Chirag, Malairaja and Pavithra are students of Touching Lives who were sponsored by our wonderful funders whom we are immensely grateful for! It is becuase of them that our chidren could have the first hand experience of this exceptional event.



We’d like to make a special mention of Amyn Pirani who ran the Dream Run for Touching Lives. ‘This was the first time I ran the Marathon and it was certainly a great experience.’ he says. ‘In my heart knowing that I was running for Touching Lives I felt all the more inspired. In fact i’d love to run again.’ Amyn is one of Touching Lives’ constant friend and supporters. He often comes forward to support the children of Touching Lives. Recently, he conducted a workshop on potential careers for our SSC students. Thank you Amyn we truly value your support and friendship.




As always, it has been an absolute treat to be a part of the Marathon Spirit! All of us at Touching Lives were excited to see our children blazing up the streets with their infectious enthusiasm and dazzling smiles. Nine more people ran for Touching Lives this year, five of whom ran the half marathon and the rest ranĀ  the 10 km race. We want to thank you dear runners, you are and will be our pride!

Finally, we want to thank all those who contributed to Touching Lives through our Marathon Fundraising campaign. Here’s to the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 and here’s to Touching Lives and it’s mission and passion to educate, empower and enlighten!

The TMM fundraising page is still open for contributions till the end of this month. Any of you who feel moved to contribute to our mission and be a part of many dreams – here’s the link –




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