A Message For The New Year – Founder Speaks


Each new year reminds us of what old we wish to cherish or let go and what new we wish to experience.

2018 certainly comes with its promise of action and a 360 degree transformation. We are all at some level experiencing the ideas of how this world should be and should not be globally.


We are going through an era of global challenges that humanity is facing collectively across the world and sometimes it might make our hearts heavy. It might make us question or resent what we humans have done unto ourselves and where we are all headed. However we are at the brink of making some very hard core decisions as human beings and every big or small decision impacts the entire world. Thus as a part of this globe, this world, then it is certainly our responsibility to make decisions that are contributive, creative and constructive.

I am adopting a personal method this year – ‘taking one step back and leading’. This simply means that it is not fair to ask for change and then not give it time to happen and show up. The stepping back method is helping me to shift perspective – from certain expectations to many possibilities. If you have reached a peak point in your life and are now waiting for too long to show up for yourself, and if you are still waiting, then the wise thing would be to step back and do some ground work again. I am in that phase. I am stepping back one step to look at myself. This is helping me to sort my body, mind and heart and possibly to show up for children globally and for individuals across the world.

The new time, the new energy, the new season once again invites us into its world. Still walking my purpose, I will continue to travel inside myself and explore the stories in the corners of my heart. I shall allow myself to hear from the Universe wherever I am required and show up for the evolution. I will continue Touching Lives and support more and more on this planet. In the process of emptying myself once again, I continue to be a contribution. Education, Health, Environment, Cosmic designs and more, I stand by you. I am eager to share the wisdom and the knowledge that supported me on my path. I dream to support children globally and will make sure that I begin doing it this year itself. For each and every individual who has contributed toward Touching Lives I thank you. Let us receive 2018 with gratitude. We at Touching Lives shall continue to walk the path of Self-Work, Seva and Sadhana, as they shape us into who we are meant to be and to do the work we are meant to do. You dear reader, are welcome to join us on our path.

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