Mr. Ashok Goenka has started supporting Touching Lives since April 2016. More than 70% of the project cost for the year 2016-17 is sponsored by Mr. Goenka and his company.

J P Morgan has been supporting Touching Lives since 2005, and has been our strongest and most consistent support all these years. The support from J P Morgan was instrumental in the sustenance and growth of Touching Lives in its formative years.

The trust in the vision of Touching Lives, which started even before we got registered as an organization with the charity commission, has increased multi-fold and newer teams within JP Morgan have started supporting Touching Lives.

STCI has been our financial partner since 2014.

Sonia is not only a founder of Touching Lives but also a mother to our children. In her attempt of her own Self-Work*, Seva(service) and Sadhana(practice), she continues to fund the journeys by contributing almost 99% of her earnings through her workshops, books, audios, personal sessions, her theater plays, film-making and all her creative ventures. And she intends to continue to do this life-long no matter how big the organization grows, she visions to move towards being independent. To join in her dream, welcome here 

Over the years, the support of individual donors has been the strength of Touching Lives.



Princeton Blue team has been an instrumental part of our work towards computer literacy for our children. Since the last 2 years, their volunteers have been coming dedicatedly week after week to execute a well planned computer workshop for the After-School program at our Learning Center.

Organizing Annual Sports Day, Outdoor Educational Trips, Teaching children during their school exams, helping the Touching Lives team in fund raising and presentations; J P Morgan employees have been consistently contributing their time to Touching Lives

The young, enthusiastic college students do their internship as a part of their SIP (Social Involvement Program) at Touching Lives. These youngsters become mentors for our children and help them in their school studies.







The Aga Khan Academy runs an IB board school in Hyderabad and provides educational scholarship for meritorious students. Touching Lives students participate in the nation-wide selection process for 100% scholarship in the school.

One of our students, Vishwajeet Singh is currently studying in Grade 7 at the Aga Khan Academy school in Hyderabad.

Clover Leaf Learning Academy (CLA) has been started with an intention to spread awareness about alternative drugless therapies. It promotes expertise in complementary health care workshops & therapies.

CLA is our training partner. It has been instrumental in training our team in various alternative therapies and giving platform and sponsorship for our children on the same.