Who are the After-school children?

After-school program generally is for children who are in 4th grade or above in their schools. However, the level of the children is considered according to their reading, writing and comprehending skills in languages and other areas of life. The children are in the After-school program till the child gives her/his 10th grade and after which they become a part of Touching Lives Academy Program. Thus while being here within various activity sets; After-school also takes care of the school subjects of the children by providing mentoring and facilitating them towards independent learning.

What is the goal of After-school?

The goal is to achieve fluency in their reading, writing and comprehending skills. At the same time, it also focuses on application of the values and learning in the day-to-day life. It also works towards activating their senses towards higher aspirations in life, towards goal-orientation and organization of their lives. The activities at After-school helps children understand their own body-mind-soul, their families, communities, nation and the universe with larger perspectives. It helps to inculcate leadership qualities and the application of ethics in the real world. It is more towards learning about self and the various aspects of the selves and its existence for higher purpose.

What activity sets are conducted in After-school? (Refer to THEMES section for detailed understanding)

  • Healing & Therapies
  • English foundation, Grammar, speaking, reading & comprehension, vocabulary and concepts
  • Psychology – To help kids understand themselves & others
  • Exploring the world through books & internet
  • Finance & Budget
  • Contemporary History/Civics & Modern World
  • Art & Creativity
  • Mind and Body fitness
  • Outdoor activities – Fun & educational
  • Value building
  • Enhancing family relationship
  • Goals orientation
  • Bachat Khata
  • Celebrating culture through festivals
  • Social Service
  • Learning Music / Dance
  • Technology
  • General Awareness
  • Exploring Science & Geography
  • Sports
  • Right to Education / Right to Information