Overview of Beginners Program

Beginners program is designed to help new children of the community to connect with Touching Lives and with themselves. It is designed to introduce them with the idea of learning and exploring. The program called ‘Same Page’ is based on self learning and meta-quantum module where the teacher or mentor will only initiate, encourage and facilitate children towards learning; allowing them more space to learn on their own. This is to make learning fun and realistic. This way the learning will be sustainable and will also stay with them always.

Who is a part of the Beginners Program?

Beginners Program is for the new children who are yet to be formally a part of Touching Lives programs and activities. These are the children who are new in the community, new to the idea of supplementary learning and new to the concept of learning. These children are drop outs from school, who are yet to take admissions in the school and those who are still settling down in the slums due to migration. This is generally open for all age groups at the beginning before they are formally admitted into other programs of Touching Lives.

Why Beginners Program?

 Connect with the community and children

  1. Rapport building
  2. Identifying and understanding of the needs of the children and the community
  3. Understanding the level of the children in order for them to be a part of the various programs of Touching Lives
  4. Counseling, therapeutic aide, guiding and supporting them for admission and various other education related help.

What do we do in the Beginners Program?

Various rapport building activities are conducted that are related to various subjects to identify a child’s interest and level of understanding. We conduct something that we have developed, known as ‘Same Page Program’ which focuses on conducting activities and modules that helps bring every child in the program come to the same level of understanding and knowledge. It develops basic attributes and values in children to understand the process of learning in a much deeper and essential way which will help her or him further.

Annual Activities:

As the major focus is to let the child connect with themselves, the activities are developed accordingly. There will be various activities which will allow the children to know themselves and their talents. It will also help them to unleash the hidden qualities in them. These activities will also give them a platform to tap into their intellectual, creative and logical side. The activities are further developed to inculcate basic understanding of manners, values, habits and hygiene. Every week there would be a theme with therapeutic aide. These are some of the themes for this year.

  • Let’s Learn about ourselves week (Knowing ourselves like the introduction, likes and dislikes etc)
  • Family week (Knowing the family members and their relationship with us)
  • Learning week (Teaching about manners, safety and hygiene)
  • Forgiving and forgetting week (To help them to let go and forgive using playful methods)
  • Brain – friendship week (Connecting with their intellectual, logical and creative side of the brain)
  • Exploring the world (Exploring everything from the land to the sky, from vehicles to animals etc.)
  • Venting week (Activities for catharsis and bringing in new energies into their space)
  • Run – Fun week. (Introducing ideas of physical development through easy body and mind growth)
  • Magic week (Helping them to see the miracles they are and the world is)
  • Healing week (Introducing them to the ideas of alternative therapies)