Who is a part of the Pre-school Program?

Children who have been a part of the Beginners program, who are eligible for being a part of Pre-school and the children who are already going to schools (government/private). The children who are in vernacular medium and are at the minimal level of understanding of English are the Pre-schoolers. Since children are from diverse backgrounds and levels of schooling, more than their age and school standards, they are put in the Pre-school program according to their levels of comprehension and understanding.

Why Pre-school Program & what it aims for?

Our basic aim is to make every child an Independent Learner and thus Pre-school begins this process by working on every child’s reading, writing, comprehension and delivery of learning in application in real day-to-day life. This is done through ‘Integrated Learning’. In this method various subjects are merged and are presented together in an interlinked manner. However the main focus is to allow the children to build their strength in English language. These learning areas are developed through:-

  • Basic Concepts of World through various subjects
  • Value Activities & Applications
  • Contemporary History / Civics
  • Healing/Meditation/Therapies

 Basic Tools through which Learning will happen:

  • Art & Creativity
  • Power point Presentations
  • Story books
  • Storytelling and dramatization
  • Work sheets
  • Games
  • Online videos
  • Learning work station
  • Healing
  • Therapies