Who can be a part of Touching Lives Academy and what does it focus on?

Children who complete their board examination of 10th grade become part of the Academy. It is a one year program and after completing this the child becomes an alumnus of Touching Lives. She/he further participates in the programs of Touching Lives as a co-mentor and supporter. She/heĀ also interns with Touching Lives or begins their journey of doing part-time or full-time with Touching Lives.

The Academy majorly focuses on mentoring the children to:

  • Understand their love for learning
  • Their aspirations/dreams/careers
  • Coping with the challenges of the new world
  • Building leadership and change-maker qualities
  • Make them self therapist
  • Give them a way forward to understand entire world through various lenses of learning
  • Working towards being independent, co-dependency and co-creation

How is it done?

Children will have 8 sessions per month. There will be four sessions of learning together and 4 sessions on individual/group work. The sessions will be done on field, in classrooms, at places which are practically important and related to the themes. The children will be provided with important educational resources for the same.

What are the themes and subjects of this year?

  1. The theme for 2013-2014 is ‘Exploring the whole world’, which will include both esoteric and simple learning of the topic and it will explore insights into various subjects & professions
  2. Self development through healing, therapies & meditations
  3. Sports/Personality Development
  4. Social Leadership/Change makers program
  5. Finances & Economics
  6. Contemporary History/Civics & Modern World
  7. Art/Creativity
  8. Emergence of Laws and applications
  9. Service/Humanity/Entrepreneurship
  10. Literature applications

With all the above themes, there will be topics that will be picked as study topics.

Apart from all these, the children will also be given a chance to craft something. The children will be given tasks to develop and design their projects that they could apply in real world. The design would be on the theme ‘What would you like to’ keeping in mind that there needs to be a vision, goal, learning in the process, it has to benefit themselves, others and the world in one way or another. The idea is to have them create.