A child goes through many programs at Touching Lives in order to become an independent learner. One of the programs is the Transit Program. Transit program is about the Transition a child goes through in order to go to next level or program. It helps the child to orient herself/himself completely so that she/he is in awareness about what has happened to her/him, what is happening and what will happen next. It will help a child to tap into her/his potential completely so that the way towards becoming an independent learner becomes clear.

Transit Program is thus a bridge between Pre-School  (where the child is introduced to and learns the basic concepts of English, Maths, Science, Meditation, Creativity) and After-School Program (where the children are given opportunities to explore themselves and the world). Thus, in the Transit program, we will include a bit of Pre-School and a bit of After-School to make a bridge so that children coming from Pre-School find it easy to cope with, and children going to After-School find it helpful.

Goals and Objective

The Primary goal of Transit is to make every child love the process of learning. It is to make the child conscious of herself/himself and her/his powers. Many times we experience that the children coming to our Learning Center are afraid of their school subjects or are not interested or their foundation is weak. The goal is to let children believe in self educating themselves in everything they love while entering the realms of evolution and self discovery. It is to help children be more present, more focused and more in love with learning and growing. The big goal is to transform each child and make them travel deep within and beyond themselves.

Goals of Transit Program:

Primary Goals

  • Making learning fun and easy for children
  • School Study
  • English
  • Maths

Secondary Goals

  • Enhancing their inter personal skills
  • Enhancing their Communication skills
  • Personality Development and Grooming
  • Wellness and Wholeness (Spiritual Exercises)
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

A child thus works diligently and religiously on herself/himself to overcome all the difficulties she/he has, to truly expand herself/himself and truly be what she/he can be. Here, the idea is to make every child realize that she/he has the immense potential and power to create the life she/he wants to live.


The curriculum for the transit program is developed to best suit the needs of the children studying in it. It is to help the children to expand their skills and knowledge further so that they learn how to learn. Here are the things which will be a part of the curriculum for the Transit Program

  • Parts of their School Curriculum
  • English (Reading, Comprehension, Articulation and Composition)
  • Spiritual Science
  • Science and Maths
  • Social Science
  • Social Behaviour


How many Children

  • Transit program will have a total of 40 Children this year.


1) English

2) Maths and Logic

3) Academics: School Study

4) Finding Balance

5) Exploring the unknown

6) Mind Body Soul

7) Wholeness and Wellness

8) Exploring the Unknown

9) Music

10) Technology

11) Nature

12) Change Maker