The Dream Project Program is basically for the Academic Students of Touching Lives who have a dream of starting their own enterprise. The students are:

  1. Mentored and Monitored for planning and development of the dream
  2. Supported towards the initial seed funding
  3. Guided towards the execution of it creatively
  4. Modeled around being Independent towards Sustainability towards ‘Giving’ and ‘Paying it forward.’

The Dream Project envisions to sponsor as many ventures of students of Touching Lives towards their dreams and enterprises and the students hold the value of paying it forward, where what they raise; a percent of share (as per they decide) is put forward to sponsor children at Touching Lives. In this way, as many children start their venture, as many children who are learning at Touching Lives gets sponsored and the chain continues.

Success Story of Serena Sutra Arts:

Wait for our inspiring stories of our three students at Touching Lives who are making waves through their healing products!!!

We will upload their videos soon!