Conscious Community Change Program (CCC), is an initiative to consciously connect the children to the community to create the change.  The miracle word here is not the change, not the consciousness but the word ‘connect’. The idea is only to have children connect in various forms to various parts of the world to see the magic of change within themselves and to consciously evolve together for better world.

It is a yearly program started in 2010 and runs for 7 days between October-November of every year. There are different themes on which the program is based to focus on the goal of ‘connecting’ the child to the larger picture of universe step by step.

  1. Celebrating Child’s Education (2010) : Video
  2. I Am Inspired (2011) :Video
  3. I Am A Miracle (2012):

The videos give detailed information about the journey of each of the themes implemented by the children and you are truly going to get inspired too.