World Fund is a ‘tithing/sharing’ initiative of Touching Lives Welfare Trust to extend fixed monetary & consultation support for a fixed time period to start ups, small scale NGOs or individuals with dreams. It is a yearly support program.


  • You can become the supported organization if you are –
    • A committed individual or a group of people, who are passionate about any cause and want to start their own NGO/venture to serve.
    • A small scale Non-Profit Organization, which has the necessary expertise to grow and touch more lives but lacks the financial resources to do so.

The supported organization needs to believe in and practice the following values –

  • Open Communication
  • Transparency
  • Pay it forward
  • Believe in the power of dreams (your own and others)
  • Work from heart space


The concept of World Fund Initiative was born out of one of the five values of Touching Lives – practicing the value of tithing/sharing of time, knowledge and kinds. This practice allows one to remain grounded and practice the values of love and giving and contribute to evolve together at many levels of human existence.

The challenges that we faced as an organization during our inception years, guided us to start World Fund Initiative and help other organizations who might face similar challenges.

It will give them the encouragement and the strength that they need to continue doing the good work that they have started! We believe in the power of dreams and gifts that each one can realize and bring to use for the world at large.

If we support each other when needed and keep extending the chain by paying it forward, we can build a very strong network of committed organizations and individuals who want to serve their societies and bring about a great positive change in the way the non-profit community works throughout the world!


  1. Rand De
  2. Mayurbhanj Public School in Kanpur Village of Orissa
  3. Udaan School in Saharanpur
  4. Milaan School in Sitapur, Lucknow
  5. Little Stars Nursery School in tribal village, Nahapar, West Bengal
  6. Bharat Calling Organization in Itarsi, MP