If you hear some of the stories of our children of how they transformed their lives through learning healing , therapies and meditations, you would be completely inspired. Whether the child is 5 years old or whether the child is above 18, they all have experienced their clair-senses. What we mean by clair-senses is the clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience and so on. To much surprise, Touching Lives experiments with cosmos, universal shifts, frequencies, dimensions where we connect beyond the physical body and with the inner guide of intuition and imaginations that we are born with.

When a child first enters Touching Lives; he/she is taken through the process of connecting with oneself, then with the one’s body, mind and soul, further to his/her family and then further towards the community, country, globe, spaces, galaxies and then beyond the infinity and towards infinite possibilities and potentials that he/she can be and is.

A child is healed through mentors and then further taught to heal oneself. And thus, we connect with children at larger existence and for higher purpose that we are all born with.

Children learn to heal oneself, others and the universe through various healing practices that are universally practiced.

Some of the techniques and healing they learn which is a part of their activities :

  1. Basic Meditations to higher forms of Meditation (using audios and videos or guided meditation)
  2. Access Consciousness- “Access Bars“ (Founder- Gary Douglas) (www.accessconsciousness.com)

(Our children are now Certified Access Bars Practitioners)

  1. Access Consciousness- Foundation and Level 1
  2. Water Therapy (By Masaro Emoto)
  3. Reiki Dr. Usui (Our children are Certified Reiki Practitioners)
  4. Ho’oponopono Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness
  5. Emotional Freedom Technique(Developed by Gary Craig)
  6. Emotional Empowerment Technique
  7. Affirmation and Recreation of Life
  8. Angel Card Reading
  9. Angel Meditation and Therapy
  10. Chakras and Kundalini
  11. Mandalas
  12. And many more therapeutic interventions and healing.

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