Ready to Transform: A Mentor’s Letter to His Student

Dear Prashanth,

To see a human being go beyond his own limitations and transform himself into a better human being, gives me a high. And it gives me the greatest joy in life! I am writing this letter to express my gratitude – for you have given me a chance to experience this high, this joy!

I remember, you were in the 7th grade when I first met you. That was five years ago and I remember thinking, ‘He is like an unpolished diamond. He will shine one day.’

It was the same feeling that the whole of India had when they first saw Virat Kohli play for the Indian Cricket team. I think what is more heart touching and worth observing than the insane number of runs that he is now scoring or the fierce pace with which he is breaking records, is his transformation over the recent few years. It is the intensity and focus in his quest to transform his game, fitness, demeanor, and composure, that makes me want to get up and take a note.



I am fortunate to experience the live version of a similar transformation – up, close and personal.

By now, you have got a very good command over the English language and have developed the ability to use right words to express your ideas (I am sure, you will become a great public speaker one day!). Yes, you have broken away from the shadows of your deep rooted fears and taken bold decisions to pursue education in the field of your interest. You have achieved academic success to become an inspiration for your peers at the Touching Lives Learning Center. As a Community Leader at Touching Lives, you teach the children in your community and give back while you are still a student yourself. You are now a successful young boy for your friends, family and for people in your community. But more than these above transformations Prashanth, what fills my heart with joy unspeakable is the subtle inner transformation that I have witnessed in you.


From being curious and in awe of what is happening in the world to a knowledgeable and an aware citizen of the world. From doubting yourself and stopping in your tracks to becoming confident in your skin, sharing your thoughts and ideas clearly. From a state of confusion and doubt about your career to trusting and following your gut feeling, From being a reluctant participant in healing activities to learning alternative therapies with an open mind and trying them out. From a quiet, shy and sincere boy to a fun-loving, expressive and focused teenager. From a boy who felt uncomfortable being paired up with a girl even in a class activity to a boy who is happy to click and share selfies surrounded by all the girls in the group.


I think that a mentor feels an utter sense of satisfaction when his student’s attitude, perception and experience of life transforms. Now, my student is an independent learner! Now, he will keep growing in life!


The biggest strength that you possess Prashanth is your openness to transform, to learn and to receive. All the opportunities and support that you have received, I have seen it being available to many many people, but very few like you have actually done their self-work and climbed the ladder of success.


This inner transformation is molding you into a balanced human being. You are evolving into a fine young man with sound logic and health, who appreciates aesthetics as well as technology. I see you Prashanth. I see how you reflect on life and on your evolving self, and invest your energy wisely on improving the lives of and healing others. I see how you are READY TO TRANSFORM!


With love and hope,

Your proud Mentor

Ankit Kanani



Ankit is the Communications Head and a popular Mentor at Touching Lives. He is a valuable gem with undying tenacity and fantastic sense of humor!

  1. Ramkumar sony

    I was feeling very proud to Prashant by reading it. Thank you very much for sharing this Ankit sir.

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