Me and My Self – Discovering the Self in Me

She believed she could,

So she did – R.S. Grey


It is okay to try new things, to be silly and to fail because that is what helps you ahead in life. Experience is the best teacher. Therefore, I believe in experiencing everything that I feel I want to. When I can’t handle the sufferings of the world, I weep on it; I crumble at the tragedy and the pain.

Sonam says, it is okay to look different from others. The challenge that Sonam always faced was the way she looked.

At the age of five or six, Sonam was very strong, confident, fun and involved. She was often teased about her looks but it never mattered to her at that young age. However, as she grew up, and was able to comprehend the eavesdropping, the whispers, and people turning around and staring; she became shy, her confidence went down, and the teasing eventually became one of her biggest fears. By the time she reached her 10th grade she feared going to new places, meet new people, and face new crowds. This did not allow her to be herself. She didn’t even share this with anyone, she thought no one would understand her problem and would instead laugh at her. She always had a big question in her mind,

‘I never tease anyone, nor do I hurt them in any other way, then why do they hurt me?’ But she was unable to find an answer.

Soon she realized, she had no control over another person’s mind, body and soul. But she did have control over her own. She believed that you can make yourself so strong that even if anyone says something, it should not bother you. YOU are your OWN STRENGTH.

And then a new SONAM was born. This SONAM was born through the womb of Touching Lives – her other family, where she was nurtured by people whom she called didis and sirs. Touching Lives was her biggest strength, which held her hand and walked with her wherever she went. Along with Touching Lives, Sonam had her parents, siblings and some friends, who assured her and loved her for who she is. And this Sonam became the Sonam who is now. She is confident, she loves herself, and carries herself really well. She is smart, has her own opinions about everything and has a charming personality. This is her victory – that she has accepted herself and has started self-loving and self-caring. She says she is very happy with whatever she has and whatever she is.

When Sonam turned 18 she was deeply involved in healing and self-work©. She matured and understood how little Sonam was locked off in a cage of fear, anger, sadness and shame which was not hers. In her healing process, she apologized to the child Sonam and asked for her forgiveness. And the young Sonam responded to her,


‘No matter what others say to me, no matter how others look at me, I just want you to be with me by my side, I want you to say that I am beautiful, I am not different from others but I am unique’.

And since then, Sonam always says to herself- ‘Yes! I am beautiful, I am unique!’



Sonam, who is one of our community leaders at Touching Lives, proudly shares her dream of being a dance choreographer, an Air hostess, a Model, and an RJ. She is doing exceptionally well in her Creative Writing Program and this is one of her best written pieces.

9 Responses

  1. poonam tevar

    Sonam Yes you are unique. You are beautiful from inside out, And I adore you for who you are. Your story directly touched my heart. Keep writing such pieces to inspire us. I will wait for your next creativity. Love you.

  2. Pooja.kolchal

    I have meet a wonderful and an amazing person since I was in school and yes it’s sonam. you are the best person n best friend I have ever meet.and this story is just wonderful as you are .It’s so amazing.keep inspiring us by writing such wonderful stories .love you

  3. Radhika Sharma

    I love you Sonam. You are beautiful and unique. This article on you inspires me alot!????

  4. Bhagyalaxmi kaundar

    Definitely you are a unique person in the universe?
    I salute you the way you live your life without any fear and being loving and kind to each and every one.
    There will be lot of people who will make fun of us after all they are the only one who make us more strong.
    Love you sonam.
    Your a true inspiration hearty??


    Hi, my dear angel i am Raj for you i am Prabhas i love you sonam akka you teach me how to be an unique thinker and a unique person by giving me positive energies, i love you so much that i cannot explain my self . but one day come were you feel proud to be a part of my life. i love you my heart beat……..

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