Why is television a good medium of Learning?

At Touching Lives, we immerse our children into watching inspirational movies/videos on a Television screen. Yes, the curse can be turned into a boon by just making the right use of it, through which a child will not simply sit and leave his/her brains behind but instead travel into an ample of ‘evolving’ thoughts and learn how to use it. Below are the few reasons as to why Television should be considered as a tool of learning:

1)  Connect and Reconnect: Connection is such an important aspect. It helps you to know “you” better. That is where T.V. creates the magic. For a child, it acts as a brain exercise, so as to help him/her to find himself/herself. Its content and the characters are felt like as if they’re representing a minute yet vital part of you. You connect to them, think, reflect and reconnect to them.

2)  An Audio-Visual Team: The biggest advantage of introducing content based learning in your curriculum is that it keeps the two of your six senses alert and active. According to research studies, it has been believed and followed that a child’s attention span is more pro while watching a movie or a video.

3) Being There: The reason why T.V. media is widely accepted is because it takes a child along with it. The moment a child starts to watch a movie, it carries him/her to the in a way that he/she become a sole viewer or a part of that movie itself. Therefore, a good, fun and content-based movie is a hit and never a No-No for children.

4) Language, No Barrier: As the technology is moving ahead, its growth is mirrored in the Television world. One of its key developments is multiple lingual movies/videos. So, no matter which part of the world you’re located and teaching in, language can be taken care of if you plan and include a T.V. based learning session with the children.

As a treat for the eyes and ears, Television tops the list of the children’s favourites learning tools. Hence, if you wish to take a child on a journey of self-reflection keeping in mind their pace and taste, then, Television is one of many good friend your child could be looking for, just try to look at the bright and the right side of it and you will not be disappointed.

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