The Light Within

The festival of lights brings many hopes, happiness, gifts and holidays. Soon, the entire nation will be lit with billions of lamps. We will wear our best clothes and our happy smiles and go out to meet each other in joy and affection. We often celebrate it with a lot of pomp, spending generously on our new clothes, gifts for our loved ones, crackers, decorations and what not. Of course it is all really exciting and very much an essence of our social lives.

And even as we persevere to make it the best Diwali of our lives this year, let us also remember the essence of this flambouyant festival. The essence of it, is light. Not just in our corridors and balconies. But within, in our hearts. It symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. At Touching Lives, we believe this is one more opportunty to be kind and genenrous and to extend our compassion toward each other and to those whom we come across in the course of our day. Once you decide to do that, you will find ample opportunities to access your inner light and spread it to others around you. In case you’re wondering where to start you can take clues from our team members, who share how they’d like to spread their light to the world:



I want to create art – books, films, music. I want to do this to bring awareness and joy in the lives of people.

~ Ankit Kanani, CEO


I want to help people to help each other and be the hands that hold others rather than pull anyone down. Loving one another, rather than judging is what will make this world a better place. I want to become the light and spread my shine to others so that they become the light too. So that world is full of light and we shine together!

~ Sonam Tevar, Community Leader and Writer


I want to teach values – kindness, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance to everyone. Especially to mothers, right from the time they conceive.

~ Aditi Kanwar, HR and Learning Center Head


Being compassionate is important. I want to spread my light of compassion and want to create space within and around me where each soul who connects with me feels loved and cared. I want be the reason for people to smile and feel joyous.

~ Nikita Shah, Mentor and guide – Foundation Class

I wish to spread the love of performance arts to the world. It has healing powers and I want to help people to seek and find that healing in art.

~ Parina Chavan, Mentor – Foundation Class



I choose to bring light to world by first finding the light within. That is when I can make any real difference.

~ Tanvi Shah, Mentor – Transit Class


How would you like to spread your light to the world this Diwali?


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Nisha Joshi is the Chief Editor and Teaching Fellow of the Discovery Class Programme of Touching Lives. She would like to spread the light of stories, poetry and music to the world through her voice, poetry and storyteling.

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