The Sacral Chakra is an energy center located at the center of the lower belly in human body. It is associated with the emotional body and characterized by flow and flexibility.


Raj Ragparse

When I first came to Touching Lives, I was in class 5, I could not read English or even recognise English alphabets. Today, I am preparing for my 12th Std board exam and Engineering Entrance Exam. I was / am supported by didi and sir in my school studies, learning English, learning good values and much more. With the support of Touching Lives, I have also joined a local cricket club for my cricket coaching and a reputed coaching center and college to prepare for my HSC board exams.




Ram Soni

I am a psychology graduate and I am currently pursuing my education in Arts Based Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I also work as a Healer at Touching Lives Learning Center and support my family financially. I live in Indira nagar slum community in Dahisar. When I was in school, I was told that I also have to become a vegetable vendor like my father and I had dropped out of school twice to earn money. But I was determined that I want to study and I persisted with the support of Touching Lives in all the aspects of my life- My school and college studies, Admissions, Sponsorships for coaching, My Relationships, and My Life Goals. Didi and Sir always provided love and care to me as if they are my real family.




Abdul Shaikh

After working as an office boy for more than 5 years, when I lost my job, I realized the importance of education. I had dropped out of school 6 years ago when I failed in 8th standard. I started attending the regular activity-based class at Touching Lives and with the support of volunteers, I appeared for and passed my 10th standard exam in first attempt. I was completely overwhelmed as I was totally convinced at one point that I will never be able to study. The safe, healing and encouraging environment at Touching Lives helped me to come out of suicidal tendency and I look forward to completing my education and do something so that I stay connected with Touching Lives for my entire life.



Anita (Parent)

I often tell my children, Touching Lives has given a lot to you. When you grow up and do something good for yourself, when you start earning, it is okay if you forget your parents, it is okay if you do not give money to your parents. But do not forget Touching Lives and give money to Touching Lives to support the education of other children



Vishwajeet Singh

I live in Dhobi Ghat slum community in Dahisar with my younger sister and mother. Through Touching Lives, I got an opportunity to participate in a scholarship program by Aga Khan Academy and I passed all the rounds of the scholarship test and interviews. Until last year, I attended Municipal school near my home. Now, I study in Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad, which is an IB curriculum-based school with a Residential program and I have been awarded 100% scholarship for the next 5 years.




Poonam Tevar

My journey with Touching Lives begun when I was in 5th class and recently I have completed my graduation in Psychology. For three years I worked as a community leader,  My journey From being  a student of Touching Lives  to teaching and taking care of children in the same community where I was  once a child.  I feel that I am lucky that I got this opportunity to spread the love which I have received from my mentors.

In my journey as a student, my mentors supported me by involving themselves in my growth.  As a student I have also realized that how important are my parents to me. Even today I spent time with my parents listening to their talks and sharing mine which I started to practice as a student. I feel special listening to them, we have came to space where we share anything we want to.

Currently I am also handling a part of social media. It involves making videos writing content etc, for Touching Lives. One of my dream is to take the stories of inspiring children to the world using different mediums (writing stories, making films etc). I will be doing my MA in Clinical Psychology. I have many dreams some of them are studying Abroad, Learning Filmmaking, using dance, drama, music and other medium of arts  to share the world within me to the world outside. I always believe in the Universal Love and that the Universe is within you.


Sanjana Kamble (Participant of Parents Workshop)

I reflected, relived and healed my entire life- from childhood till now. Now, people around me keep asking me- Sanjana, you were always so serious and sad, now there is always a smile on your face. What is the reason for this change?

Through the Healing process, I feel that even my body aches have been healed. I keep getting positive energy from the affirmations that I was gifted by Rubina didi and Ram bhaiya.