The Third Eye Chakra is an energy center located on the forehead between the eyebrows in human body. It is the center of our intuition, vision, imagination and perception.


Sonia Mackwani is a young award-winning Social Entrepreneur, an Author, a Psychic Healer, a Therapist, Trainer/ Mentor, Script-writer and an upcoming film-maker.

She was only 20 when she started working towards founding her organization called Touching Lives. It was in 2003, that her inner voice led her to a realization that which also became the very first founding values of the organization – ‘It is completely our need to serve than saying we serve the needy.’ Since then, Touching Lives is her way of life, her meditation, her practice for evolution. While simultaneously studying and providing most of her income through workshops, books etc, Touching Lives completes its 15 years, working towards ‘Healing’ and ‘Learning’ of the children, youth, parents living in the slums.



Since childhood, having many spiritual experiences like out-of-body episodes, time-travels and intuitive channelling, her work largely focuses on connecting humanity to the inner intelligence, the invisible cosmic connections and inner-potential of the individual.


A TEDx Speaker, her books, meditation CDs, free online programs and trainings help to raise funds for supporting Touching Lives initiatives and also building capacity in every mentor to become a conscious leader.