Three Cs of Success

Yes. Three Cs. You might say, success is spelled with only two. Of course you are right. But to make success happen in your life, you are certainly going to need one more. So what, you might ask, are the three Cs?


It goes without saying that achieving anything meaningful and/or noteworthy begins with the making of a commitment. To commit to something means to accept wholeheartedly, that you are going to see it through no matter the challenges – known or unknown. But the truth is, we often find ourselves standing before a mountain. And we think, there’s no way I can climb this. And then we turn away.

Whenever you find yourself doing that, just check in with yourself once. What is it that you are doubting? Possibly your fears are ill-founded. May be you do have what it takes to scale that height. There is no way of finding out, other than saying yes! So say it. And see where it leads you.



So you did it. You said yes to that big daunting project. And now you must deliver. You’ve got deadlines, and expectations to fulfill. The stress of it all bogs you down and you begin to wonder if you are ever going to pull it off. And once that happens, your steps begin to falter. But remember, you said yes to going all the way. You cannot back down, and you most definitely cannot quit. It is not easy. But there is one thing you need.

Look ahead. Do you see a step? Take it. And then the next. One step at a time is an unfailing mantra. It prepares you for the big leap. It gives you the energy and the conviction for it. Just keep swimming.


Confidence is the key that opens many a door. Above all you must have conviction in your heart about your ideas, your actions, about who you are. No matter what, you must be willing to stand by them. Without this, it is unlikely that your big idea will see the light of day. You must be willing to go through life, expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Expect failure. Be prepared to take a fall if you must. This shows in what you do and say. It shows you and the world, that you are willing to do whatever it takes, to see it through.

Confidence builds character, and vice versa.  No matter the circumstances don’t lose sight of your goals. Keep the fires of your confidence burning.  And in your heart, know, that if you have made it so far, you can go the rest of the way too.


Nisha Joshi is the Chief Editor and Teaching Fellow of the Discovery Program of Touching Lives. For her, life is a constant journey of learning, loving, diving into the unknown. She wants to spread the light of stories, poetry and music to the world

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