Washed Over with Compassion


When you truly love someone you are always there for them. Be it any situation, you will try to help the person in the best way possible. When we care for someone we don’t judge them or pity them for their bad condition. Instead, we show them our soft side. We try our best to stand in the shoes of that person and we do our best to be there for them.

This is what compassion is, you feel the suffering of another person and you feel the desire to act so that you can help them.

Compassion, for me, means spreading all the love I have. It allows me to understand myself and others better. Being compassionate adds more value and meaning to your life. I have learned compassion from my parents at home and my mentors at Touching Lives. I have seen the love they spread and the happiness on the faces of the ones receiving that gift. Now, working as a mentor at Touching Lives, being with children has taught me that each one of us has compassion. But in the competitive world that we live in, we forget that, rather we believe that his emotion is not important.  I realized this after noticing the kindness of my class children whom I teach.


The Mischievous Boy

There was a boy in my class who was always very playful and mischievous. He often distracted me and the other children with his antics and tricks. Yet, he was also quite punctual and regular. But there were two days when he did not turn up. So I inquired after his absence, and came to know that his mother had been unwell for a while and that she had passed away. A week later the boy came back and he sat quietly this time. And even before I could reach out to him, some children ran to him and sat beside him. The held his hands and asked him if he wants to play with them. Some children even appreciated him for coming to the class and for not remaining absent because they had missed him. Looking at this, I had tears in my eyes. The love and the care they were providing to the boy were not taught, but children can sense everything.


Moti (pearl) the Puppy

My class takes place at a community center, which is a small newspaper reading corner in the community. Suddenly, we heard an unusual sound. That of a dog groaning. When we went out to take a look, we found a puppy lying injured and bleeding. Two boys of my class ran to the puppy. The boys’ houses were nearby, so they ran home. One of them brought water and the other one brought turmeric and a piece of cloth. Together, they helped the dog, washed his injured leg tied the cloth over it. They caressed the pup and brought it to class with them. We named him Moti (pearl).

Again, I was touched by their gesture, how they were concerned about and understood the pain of everyone. No one had asked them to do it. But they did it anyway. Love everyone infinitely.


Sonam, who is one of our community leaders at Touching Lives, proudly shares her dream of being a dance choreographer, an Air hostess, a Model, and an RJ. She is currently studying in SY BMM and regularly contributes to the Touching Lives blog.

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