Work on Self to Become an Effective Mentor

Us teachers and mentors always have a lot on our hands and on our minds. We are constantly on our toes, learning, trying to figure out teaching hacks. After all who doesn’t love a classroom full of children enjoying and making the best of their learning journey. I too am always working out new ways to bond better with my students and provide them with the best possible learning experience! At Touching Lives, the pratice of self-work is ingrained in each one of us. Developed by our founding Director Sonia Mackwani, it is the practice of transforming the self to manifest that which one is seeking. Here are a few things I do as part of my self-work to be a more effective mentor.


One of the most important lessons I have learnt is that ‘we don’t manage time, we manage ourselves’. And I take that seriously. I make it a point to manage myself according to the time and resources available to me. That is how I plan. I keep the end result in sight and work backwards towards it. That way I’m in sync with the goals


Keeping the End in Mind
Meditation always proves to be a great tool in attaining goals, and classroom goals are no different. So I meditate on how I want my class to be in the coming year, month, week, day and so on. What kind of emotions would I like to invoke in my children through my classroom teaching and activities? I try to make it a joyful experience for them. I visualize goals for the class and for the children very closely. I make it very real within me. I see the end result first and then believe in it. Visualization is key to realization.


Talking to The Universe
Speaking to the Universe of my intentions for my class and for the children therein, does wonders for me. Each year, I want all children in my class to have at least one good reason (if not more), as to why they are signing up for my class – the Transit Program of Touching Lives. So I speak to the Universe about it. I speak about what my wishes are for each child and how being in my class can be of benefit. I speak of how important each child is to me and why, and also that I’d like to be a contribution to each soul.


Reading and Research
This has never never disappointed me. Reading as much as I can about new ways, news ideas and researching about them has always managed to spark may own interest in mentoring and teaching.


A lot many times I motivate myself. I do it again and again. Then again. I get up feeling very excited about the class, about the children. This one exercise has allowed me to see amazing attendance. As if children catch the vibe. I make my vibes similar to that of a child. Active and energetic.
And I truly believe that when a teacher is genuinely ready, children will appear. There is no where to go when the path of learning and healing is right in front of you!
How do you work with and and on your self? We would love to hear from you!
Tanvi Shah is the mentor of Transit Class at Touching Lives. She is also a wonderful Kathak dancer and an art and culture enthusiast.

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