Teachers Training

We support other NGOs and schools both in rural and urban areas through our teacher training and mentoring programs.
Self-Work* Model, developed by Sonia Mackwani, is an initiative towards making every child and every teacher an ‘Independent Learner.’
This model is a methodology which could be imbibed in any curriculum or any information learning.
So far, we have conducted workshops with teachers and children at schools and NGOs in Mumbai, Sarahanpur, Pilani, Kanpur, Bhopal.

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Corporate Workshops

The corporate workshops by Touching Lives are customised to the needs of individual organizations. It is based on the Self-Work* model of Touching Lives.
With the experiential healing and cognitive tools, the employees / team understand themselves and understand the vision of the organization better, making them more efficient in their work.
Touching Lives has conducted workshops in companies like Mastek, Hemlines, Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers etc.




Self-Work Workshops

We conduct regular workshops on different healing modalities and processes such as Birth into Being, Reiki, Family Constellation, Access Consciousness etc.
We also offer workshops on some of the original processes by Sonia Mackwani like Master Re-connection and Base Meditation which are channeled intuitively to her.



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