A place of 'Self-Work'


We majorly focus on two BIG aspects of our lives - ‘LEARNING ’ and ‘HEALING.’  These two aspects are continuous life-long and life-changing processes. Each one’s journey with these processes are unique and different. When both are integrated, they help an individual to discover their gifts within, to recover from all the areas that limit them and to offer the best of them to this whole world. Touching Lives’ mission thus is to provide ‘that opportunity and that platform’ for each one to experience this infinite treasure of learning and to offer therapeutic tools to heal oneself and the world around them. In the process, the VISION is to make each one of us – an ‘independent learner and an independent healer.’ And thus, have more conscious decision makers in this world. 

We work with lovely children, youth, young adults, parents, professionals and any individuals who are looking for tools to enrich their lives, who are on a journey of seeking self-realization and who want to contribute to this ever evolving world. We work with souls who are certainly born with their stories and now, are on their way to create their own. We thus provide a space which is safe, supportive and therapeutic for learning about oneself and this world.

Self-Work, Seva(Service) and Sadhana(Practice) is the way of one's journey at Touching Lives. Our formula is Energy to Evolution.